What is Woofer?

Does Woofer work on my computer?

Woofer and Woofer Plus spoofs all major Laptops and PC’s EXCEPT:

– Dell (Alienware Included)

– Razer

– Mac.

Windows Reinstall or Format required??

No, Windows Reinstall or Format is not required.

However, any spoofer used before woofer can cause woofer not to work properly,

therefore steps required to use woofer properly before purchase can be suggested in ourDiscord.

Where do I get my product key?

After purchase, you will instantly receive your key and instructions by email, including any related coupons.

How long will it take to set it up?

For Beginners its between 10-15 Mins.

For Advanced users, its around 5 minutes.

Woofer $29.9 (includes a re-spoof wait of 3 days)

Woofer Plus $99.9 (re-spoof whenever you want instantly)