Supported game version: Riot Supported anti-cheats: Vanguard

Supported processors: Intel-Amd Supported OS: Windows 10[ALL VERSIONS!]

Support for invisibility on video or screenshots: Yes

Full Screen Game Support: NO

Full language support in technical support: Yes


- Aimbot (On/Off)

- Draw Radius

- Draw Recoil

- Recoil Helper

- Ignore Walls (Should be used without 360 on)

- Fov (Slider to make small or big)

- Speed (Slider)

- BoneAim (Head/Neck/Body)


- ESP (On/Off)

- Head

- Skeleton

- Distance

- Health Text

- Health 2D

- Traces

- Visible Check

Misc: 2D Radar Full Stream Proof Button to Open Menu Unload Cheat Config System